January 10, 2018

My pretty baby, My Neymar.
She turns 15 month old on 1st of January, and 2018 is her second year.
Alhamdulillah, I couldn't ask for a healthier/happier baby, Allah serves her health and happiness, more than I thought she deserved.

How's motherhood?
Well, motherhood does piled me up like a gigantic boredom to be frankly honest, but I started to adapt to it so much. I guess the story on article 2K17 pretty much telling about how was going on with our lives, watching our baby first year, and on.
There's this thing passed my thought on my decent conversation with my husband last night, we've been changed so much than we see. Starting out from the way our language prepared everyday, our body language when we're grumpy, and as simple as when we're not interested/happy teaching our baby stuffs rather to let her play by herself(which is rare).
And when we're busy we never say no, or reject her invitations no mater how hectic the situation is, which is impressive! I used to, really easy rejecting people when it comes to interrupted my highly-priority activity such as study or anything else in particular, as now I'm a mom and entrepreneurs, everything seems to be priority; The house, the laundry, the cook, the shifting, the accounting job, the pay bills, and everything on daily basis, but never crossed my mind Neymar is a second choice in which I expect her to wait.

The truth is,
she won big time! She never wait for us. Not for me, nor for my husband. If she wants something she wants it ride up! She won't wait for us no matter how busy we are. Which is pretty much normal and every baby does the same in this manner.
And honestly, we've getting pretty used to her this much. We drop everything down when she came to us asking for favors, or when she simply wants us to snuggle her, or when she reacts towards sound outside the house, we've getting used to stop even in the middle of a huge & intense conversation to take a few second to listen to whatever she has to say.

I'm telling you guys, I hated to be interrupted. For God sake, I can be really obnoxious, if when my brain works really hard focus on something, suddenly people came out of no where and disconnect it. I'd kill them. hahahhaha!
With Neymar, there's no way I can reject her. There's no way I can ignore her, or destruct her with toys.
She turns us down, slower in thoughts basically.
We have to!
Not everything has to be so quick with a baby, not everything has to be so spontaneous or as it is. We understand how to be careful with a baby is so important. So we decided to talk trough everything we see inappropriate for her to see/play with, or dangerous for her with more acting towards it, and less saying no.
We do know, babies are innocent and don't understand. A baby, guys. Relax.

But we won't forget how smart they are, how easy to be taught they are, how their brain needs to get double protections, and how every move will affect upon her behavior and character. How easy they're copiying things they saw, and please remember what makes us an adults and what makes them a baby, is because we're able to define wrong or right, good or bad, clearly. And they're unable to it.
So, they're just gonna copy it without questioning why.
We chill out.
Take our time to think to whatever we have to say, and show Neymar whatever we said by acting towards it even more.


It sounded easy for some people, but truthfully, it is not.
Takes time and consistency.

Another update, she had her first step!
She had it on 14 month old, which is kinda late in my opinion, but I heard a lot of moms seeing their kids walk as late as 18 mo or 20, so Neymar isn't too late as much.
Regardless that both of her parents pinched first step earlier. I had my first step on 9 month! and my husband on 13 month. So between us, she's a late bird.
Probably it has something to do with her long legs. Yes! She's a tall baby, and skinny.
Needs exercise a lot more to practice the muscles, and for that took time for her, which honestly never made us so anxious about. We let her express herself anytime she please. Don't put her on rush, or just because other babies walks on their 11 mo -13.  So when she stood up for the first time, we weren't expected her to walk as soon as possible, we let her decide.

On daily basis, I prep my baby's subject every night because for me it's essential for the next morning, especially before her first nap(the most crucial time to infiltrate information, and when her brain in the most calm condition to process the memory). She needs to be taught life, isn't she? I teach her most of times, Math.
Which I know it sounded weird already, but if you see it closely, and know what Math is actually, you'd know that Math is a language. Is the logic-direct language to measure precise distance, probability, arrangement and almost everyday in our daily basis we unconsciously and consistency using Math as a building blocks!(Measuring time, measuring distance, by logic most and foremost) So yeah, Math is on our top chart most-learn language for Neymar.
I teach her math as young as possible to get the most basic result even before she gets to school.

For that I've got many harsh comments on social media such as Instagram about the way I raise my baby daughter. Some are pros to it, some don't.
Starting out from language, subject I prepare for her each and everyday(like math for God sake), to why I do not buy my baby girl toys. (will post about this soon).

So, it's been great! And I enjoy it from the deepest of a black ocean to the highest of Burj Khalifa!
Keep on tracking our activity, I promise you guys, it's awesome!

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